Huge amounts of amphetamine-based drugs seized by Turkish authorities, Turkey-Syrian border

Turkey has reinforced its 900km border with Syria and has tightened controls to stem infiltration [Sertac Kayar/Reuters]
Some have said that this drug is the thing that’s driving the war in Syria’

It has been reported that the Turkish authorities had seized over 11 million pills of synthetic stimulant, which is widely used among Jihadists in Syria.

During operations, Turkeys Anti-Narcotics police seized over 10.9 million pills. The operations happened across the Hatay region, on the border of Syria.

The drug Captagon, is a drug similar to amphetamin, widly used among the Jihadi fighters in Syria. Large amounts of drugs are smuggled in from Saudi Arabia to Syria, this has been well documented over the last five years.

A Syrian national along with two Turkish citizens were detained under smuggeling charges, the reports said. Just this month Lebanon authorities found nearly two tonnes of captagon and cocaine, in a plane belonging to a Saudi prince who was charged, along with nine others.

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