Irish Government give themselves a pay rise

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Irish Government Buildings


‘In the face of public outrage, the Irish government has decided to give themselves a pay rise’

On Thursday, the 19th of November, the Irish government brought in a bill which will see their own wages rise as front line public sector workers will hardly see a change at all. High-income earners in excess of 70K are set to see the biggest increases, including Labour TD’s who signed off on the legislation.

There were amendmeants proposed for the bill which would insure those who are less well off would feel a positive difference in their pay, but of course, the government rejected this. In an article by TD Maureen O’Sullivan, she scorned the Irish government for the unproporcinate bill which will see a pay rise for the high wage earners while the people one the lower rungs will feel hardly any difference in their pay, this is blatent day light robbery.

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