Opening your eyes to the truth is harder than you think…

For the longest time, I used to criticise the journalists or reporters I had met or followed, because they all seemed to have one thing in common – they had no passion. Sure, they worked hard and even maybe enjoyed it, but they were so de-sensitised to the different ways of the world through years in the field that they just didn’t care about the bombs that flew into schools and hospitals, didn’t care about the homeless in the streets, didn’t care about that poor local lad with leukemia, they just didn’t care.


Ignorance is bliss, or so they say, but these people were seeing all the good and bad things the world had to offer on a daily basis, how could they maintain such a stance?

I am beginning to realise that maybe it is how they have lasted so long in their field of work. Having a conscience and dealing with some of the content in our newspapers and TV reports could be soul-crushing. In that case, the only way they maintain their composure is not to care either way.

But it doesn’t stop there. Many years ago I began to wake up and see the world for what it is, and it horrified me. All the eco-terrorism, the false flags, the money wars, the oil wars, the government secrets that have come out, etc. It really affected me, and I became aware that at least in my immediate surroundings, I was alone. I alone had learned of some of the most disgusting and horrible events in our recent times, because the Mainstream Media did their utmost to keep the truth from us. Of course now, there are so many of us that know this as fact, its hard to recall that only a few years ago, before the “Age of Information,” the TV and the Newspaper outlets were our only real source of information of local and global events.

But even just as a human being who felt like he had his eyes wide open for the first time, it cut me deep inside, long before the days of The Risen People, long before me and the co-founder even met. So I set about sharing the truth, or at least exposing the lies, to my friends and family, with varying degrees of success. There are still close members of my family who see me as the “Tin Foil Hat Brigade,” and some of the acquaintances who I’m not so close or friendly with, see me as their most credible source of information.

I did this because the knowledge of what was going on in our world was killing me inside, and it felt like I was shouldering the burden of knowing by myself. I felt like Cassandra, of Classical Mythology – knowing the truth at all times, but cursed with the fact that no-one would ever believe me.

Years later, and having sat through countless hours of video footage showing the most horrible war crimes in history, a few hundred wikileak cables later, countless terrorist attacks later, and guess what?

I’m not de-sensitised.

We regularly have to take a backseat and recuperate, recharge our batteries because this work brings me to tears on the regular. In contrast, I’m a father of four girls, it can take a lot to break me.

So what are the choices? It seems the most successful Journalists are those without conscience, but with a conscience you care about the truth, about injustice, about human life on this spinning rock, but at the price that it will break you each time the system sets out to hurt the public.

So opening your eyes to the truth hurts. But its the best thing I ever did. I had to act on the knowledge I was receiving, which is why I help to share the truth with all of you. If one of you is a little more enlightened by one of my articles, or better yet moved to share it further and help your friends and relatives understand this corrupt world, then I feel I have accomplished what I set out to do. Sure, there are times I wish I could go back and join the other “sheeple,” and just bury my head in the sand, blissfully unaware of the way of the world, because I wasn’t so depressed then, but the more I shout about the injustices we see occuring on the global stage, the more we as a species can move forward, as quickly or slowly as it takes, towards change, towards living in harmony without fear of war, or oppression, or the fractional banking system.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we want to dismantle Rome and rebuild the entire system from scratch! But you guys make it worth it. No one can blame those that see the truth and turn away, and we all do it from time to time. It’s quite a reason for the self-preservation instinct to kick in. Even my wife cannot bear to know what I am reading or writing about half the time because she would be an emotional wreck.

It’s hard, soul-crushing, tear-jerking, depressing work having your eyes open to the truth. But someone’s got to do it, and I am forever thankful that you guys join us for the ride.

Peace and Positivity,


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