Has Russian forces joined operations on the ground in Syria?

Russian Airforce

It is being reported that the Russian armed forces for the first time have taken part in ground operations, according to AlRaiMedia a high-ranking source, which they did not name.

The article which goes on to quote the source several times without actually naming the source, says that Russian operations for the first time have taken place in the Latakia and Idlib country sides.

It says that infantry troops were supported by tanks and artillery along with air support to retake strategic positions between Latakia and Idlib. The article states that Russian forces stormed positions only after a fierce 5 hour battle between government forces and extremist groups.

If the involvement of Russian troops on the ground this would mark another evolution in the Syrian situation. The source says that Russian forces were provided with logistical support by Syrian forces, it this is confirmed this could be the prelude to Russian forces joining the fight on the ground with Syrian forces and allies.

The Syrian army denied involvement of Russian ground troops on Saturday 21st of November, saying Russia is only taking part in an air campaign in Syria. In a statement to SANA news agency the Syrian army representative denied operations of Russian forces saying “baseless and mere propaganda”.



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