Anti-war protest and Anti-refugee counter demo, ‪‎Belfast‬ 5th December

Photograph by Gerard Dinnen
Photograph by Gerard Dinnen
‘People will be out in force tomorrow in anger not only at the vote to go into Syria but also at the clear hate and bitterness shown towards those people fleeing the wars in the middle east’
We will be bringing live updates from the counter demo taking place tomorrow in Belfast 10 p.m. writers square, and also the Anti-war protest at 3 o’clock at Belfast city hall.
Tomorrow will see people taking to the streets in anger not only at the vote which was taken to launch air strikes in Syria by the UK parliament but also against the attitudes adopted by some towards those fleeing the very wars the governments are bombing.

It is sheer insanity after everything the UK has decided to go into Syria. We must remember that RAF jets have been pounding targets in Iraq for months, this vote gives them free reign to go into Syria and hit targets there as well.

Protestant Coalition banners for tomorrows anti-refugee protest
Protestant Coalition banners for tomorrow’s anti-refugee protest
Bombing and invading these countries is what caused the terror in the first place, going and bombing Syria will only raise the terror threat further, not make the people safer.
The Protestant Coalition have called for people to come out against refugees, but also with a clear anti-Islam message.
I understand that people have very real fears and those fears are not being addressed by those who claim to be leaders, the fear is being fostered among the people and people are falling for it.
We have nothing to fear from these people, they have been vetted and checked, they are escaping unwanted wars which have either been started or have been inflamed by the very countries that scream and shout about the refugee crises. It is a moral obligation of these countries to help the people escaping those wars.

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