Belfast voices its opposition against war in Syria *Photos*

‘People turned out in sheer anger at the constant state of perpetual war, people are sick and tired of our governments and so called leaders going to war in our name. Not in my name! Not in our name!’

Today seen many on the streets in protest of the vote taken in Westminster to launch airstrikes inside of Syria. The event was called in short notice by People Before Profit but still had a sizable crowd, also considering the atrocious weather we have been seeing.

The Anti-Refugee protest went ahead today also, but was a total flop. Counter-demonstrators overshadowed the Anti-Refugee protestors, it was cringe worthy as the Protestant Coalition had called for the whole PUL community to come out and voice their anger. What was clear today is that those against helping the refugees are in the minority.

Those people who stand in favor of war in Syria, stand on the wrong side of history. We will have a video of the speeches given today up by the end of the weekend maybe even by tonight.

Anti-War Demonstration Belfast City Hall *Video*

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