Iraqi PM slams Turkey for its incursion into Iraq

Bamerne Airbase
Bamerne Airbase

‘Turkey has built a make shift airbase inside Iraq, this is a clear signal that Turkey does not intend to leave the country at the request of the Iraqi prime minister’

Daesh smuggles majority of its oil into Turkey says the Iraqi PM

Following a violation to Iraq’s sovereignty by U.S. special forces, Turkey moved troops into the country without authorization from the legitimate government of Iraq.

Prime minister Abadi has labeled Turkey as a hub for Daesh oil smuggling, he stressed the importance of stopping the oil smuggling from Iraq and Syria which the “majority” finds its way into Turkey.

“Turkey is a country neighboring Iraq, and a country that should be friendly with Iraq. They promised us that they would stop the entry of terrorists, however we need more action in order to stop the pumping of terrorists from Turkey into Syria and into Iraq. Also the stopping of the smuggling of petrol from Syria and Iraq and the financing of Daesh [the Arabic name for IS] in a general sense through this illegal trade,” Abadi said.

Recent estimates show that nearly 43% of Daesh’s income comes the from the sale of stolen oil from areas they control in both Iraq and Syria. From the G20 summit allegations and evidence has been coming thick and fast laying blame for the smuggling and sale of stolen oil.

Russia’s president Putin provided the world leaders with evidence of up to 40 country’s which have people and organisations which are buying oil from Daesh, some of which were G20 nation states.

Not long after this Turkey downed a Russian front line bomber over Syrian airspace. The bombers happened to be targeting fuel tankers which were making their way to Turkey at the time.




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