Irish TD Mick Wallace arrested

TD Mick Wallace
TD Mick Wallace

‘Both Clare Daly and Mick Wallace stood up for the Irish people by these actions, the U.S. use of Shannon rubbishes our Neutrality’

Irish politician and activist TD Mick Wallace was arrested today 09.12.2015 and is expected to serve 30 days in prison. The TD was arrested and taken into custody at Clontarf Garda Station.

The arrest comes after both TD’s Clare Daly and Mick Wallace refused to pay a 2,000 euro fine for a protest which took place inside Shannon Airport, protesting against the use of Shannon by the U.S. military. See our article on the continued use of Shannon airport by the U.S. military.

Mick Wallace said, “We do not accept the judge’s decision to the contrary, and under no circumstances will we pay the fines. We realise this may mean serving time in prison. It’s not something we’d look forward to, but if it happens, so be it”.

*Update 10/12/2015* 

Mick Wallace has said there was no reason for why Fin Gael & Labour could not change the rules to have him put in prison in Dublin, instead of being shipped off to Limerick. Mr.Wallace was locked up and was to serve 30 days in prison, but was released just 2 hours after being arrested.


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