Shelling of Lebanese town kills Al-Nusra commander along with members of other groups

‘There has been an ongoing campaign to remove the Islamists from the border town with Syria’

Targets have been struck in Lebanon over recent days, by the Syrian Air Force against extremist group Jabhat Al-Nusra. The strikes took place in the Lebanese town of Arsal, the town itself has been a stronghold for Islamist militants with no control over it by the Lebanese army.

Located near the Syrian border, Arsal is a strategic center which is why we are now seeing sorties being launched by the Syrian air force against the Islamic militants there.

It was reported that a commander of Al-Nusra Front, Free Syrian army and Qalamoun brigade were killed along with 9 others during shelling from the direction of Wadi Al-Khayl on the outskirts of Arsal.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for this attack, but it has been rumoured to have been Hezbollah. We will keep this article updated once we find out any more on this.

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