Israeli forces detain staff and students of Birzeit university in the occupied West Bank

There has been a continued systematic effort on the part of Israel to crush any and all Palestinian resistance political or not. When there is no political solution this leaves very few options for the Palestinian people to oppose the cruel regime and occupation


Birzeit university in Ramallah in the occupied territories which has been seen of demonstrations against apartheid Israel and the occupation of Palestinian land, recently seen Israeli forces enter the grounds of the university and detain 90 students the Birzeit students union told Quds Press.

“All of the arrests took place without any accusations or charges,” the SU spokesman explained. He noted that the occupation aims to “crack down” on the activities of the Islamic bloc. “It became clear that the Israelis are planning to weaken the Islamic Bloc so that it stops its academic services to the students.”

Reports say that not only were students arrested but also teachers and other staff members of the Birzeit university.

Those arrested may not have any evidence against them, and can be held without charge indefinitely. This system of dehumanizing segregating and isolating a people is beyond comprehension, why the world leaders remain silent on this issue I do not know.

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