Iraqi forces liberate final military stronghold in Ramadi, Daesh on the run.

Iraqi forces preparing for operations against Daesh(ISIS/ISIL)

Iraqi forces have made major gains in the fight against Islamic militants retaking the city of Tikrit and now Ramadi

A spokesman for Iraq’s anti-terror unit has said that a final stronghold belonging to Daesh(ISIS/ISIL) has been liberated and is completely under control, of the Iraqi security forces. The offensive to retake the cities last Daesh militant stronghold began almost five days ago, this would mark one of Iraq’s biggest gains since the loss of vast swaths of its territory to Daesh militants in 2014.

Iraqi armed forces have been making major gains against Daesh militants across Anbar province, clean up operations are still under way there. The liberation of Ramadi would mark Iraq’s biggest victory since that of the city of Tikrit in the north of the country.

Mosul is now on the radars of the Iraqi forces which will seek to launch operations to retake the city from Daesh soon.

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