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People from right across the political spectrum and none have came out in support of the occupation of Moore Street, these actions have sparked something among the people, leading up to the anniversary this represents the anger that the people feel about the government’s actions against the people of Ireland.

*Video, Published on the 7th of January* Garda and workmen try and block the entrance to a building on Moore Street, the people storm in and occupy the building.


Dublin Moore Street is a historic part of Dublin City and has been the heart of Dublin for many years. Recent years has seen the Irish government push plans forward to demolish Moore Street.

Save Dublin’s Moore Street –

Department of Heritage have confirmed that the demolition of No 13 and 18 will go ahead as planned, anger at this decision has been widespread on social networks

IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS! – Demolition of No’s 13 and 18 Moore Street to proceed!

A couple of videos to give you a general idea of the significance of Moore Street, and the effort of the people to save it.

Save Moore Street Dublin 1916

Arms around Moore Street Documentary

*Calls for protests have been made for the Saturday the 9th on Moore Street 1pm*

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Occupy Moore Street Facebook Page 

*Update 14:19 09/01/2016* 

Activists wake up to their 3rd day inside one of the historic Moore Street buildings

As the protest and occupation of Moore Street continues there have been calls for the Irish government to buy up the whole of Moore Street to save it from demolition, People Before Profit Councillor John Lyons said that,

“We have a shambolic situation where a national monument is under threat of partial destruction

“The current Government have an opportunity right now to step up to the plate and honour the women and men that died.

“Taking ownership has to be done, there is no other solution to the mess that they have created through years of neglect and indifference to the birthplace of the Irish republic.”

Today protesters and activist gathered on Moore Street in support of the occupation standing against the demolition of the historic site.

Video of today’s speech’s on Moore Street

Moore Street protest today 9/01/2016

Today seen many men women and children come and support the occupation of Moore Street in the face of the Irish government’s plans to get rid of the historic center.

*Update 10:52 pm*

Activists who are currently occupying buildings on Moore Street have said they will resist any attempts to remove them from the building.

“We will resist. We cannot let these buildings be demolished,” Mel MacGiobúin

Activists have been staging the protest since Thursday sleeping overnight in the occupied buildings, donations have been given by the people who have been showing their support for the protest.

*Update 09:30 am* 

Musician Damien Dempsey and actor John O’Connor who had a starring role in the Irish drama series Love/Hate will be joining the occupiers on Moore Street.

*Update 06:05pm*

Tommorrow 10th Januarary a court hearing will be going threw as builders/developers have filed for an injuction to evict activists from the occupied building on Moore Street. Activists for sure will not give up the Moore Street occupation and have asked people to come in numbers to defend the terrace from destruction.


*Update 11th January* 

In a poll carried out by The over 10,000 people took part, the poll asked the question “Do you support the Moore Street occupation?” over 60% voted yes 32% voted no and a further 7% were indecisive.

Do you support the Moore Street occupation?

*Update 5:18 pm* 

A court injunction which was being applied for by the developers/builders to have activists evicted from the buildings on Moore Street has been denied by the court.

*Update 15th January*

Elected representatives were refused entry into 14-17 Moore Street by builders working on site. A court passed an injunction which was filed by the activists part of the Save Moore Street campaign which has stopped demolition for two weeks.

(Photo: Pádraig Mac Fionnlaig)
(Photo: Pádraig Mac Fionnlaig)

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