Syrian army advances toward Jordanian border


‘In the beginning of 2016, the Syrian army made major gains across the country, now they are only 20o meters away from securing the Jordanian border’

Syrian forces have ousted Free Syrian Army from several key sites across Dara’a which were under firm control of the FSA until late 2015 coming into 2016, but now the Syrian Arab Army(SAA) and allies have unstuck those forces which are now on the back foot.

Details of the Syrian Arab Army’s offensive came in on Friday morning, reported by Al-Masdar news outlet, Syrian forces recaptured a customs building which is located near the Jamrak Border-Crossing.

If the Syrian forces retake this key location on the border with Jordan it will halt any infiltration by fighters who seek to fight inside Syria, there has been a major sea change in the Syrian war.

3 thoughts on “Syrian army advances toward Jordanian border

      1. Welcome Gerard. We have an ancient epic in India, which mentions repeatedly that in life always side with DHARMA ( that which is right). In the current situation the shadow of evil falls on the West as they are with the the ISIS.


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