Former Indian Ambassador says that outside forces created the war in Syria

Former Indian Ambassador V.P Haran
              Former Indian Ambassador to Syria V.P Haran

A former Ambassador of India to Syria V.P. Haran points to outside forces having been the driving force behind the conflict inside of Syria

He said that opposition inside of Syria had supporters in Al-Qaeda and the Gulf States which helped inflame the already volatile situation. Haran said that the uprising against President Assad didn’t lead to the conflict but rather the war was manufactured by outside elements.

The former Ambassador to Syria said that namely Gulf States helped contribute to the destabilization of the country.

“Much of this was instigated from the outside, namely by the Gulf States,” the diplomat said, stressing that back in 2009 “Syria was a peaceful country without any hidden tensions.”

“Public order had never been a problem. My female colleagues told me that they could wear jewelry and go home alone by two o’clock in the morning and feel safe. In some districts, restaurants were open until five o’clock in the morning. You never had the feeling that there would be trouble in the streets,” the diplomat said.

Haran also said that media exaggerated events taking place in Syria to portray a country destabilizing and the people uprising, sometimes media exaggerated to the extent the events they reported on never happened in the first place.

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