British government pushing for secret court to handle Omagh bomb inquiry

Omagh Bomb aftermath

A suspicious move by the British government once again reminds us of the systematic coverups of the shadowy operations in the North of Ireland, among other things.

Such cover-ups and details of Government agencies involvement always begin with the usual ‘security of the state’ rhetoric and then end up dropping into the shadows never to be seen by the public, just as well or the mask would slip in regards to the dodgy activities which the British government and its long arms were so involved with.

The bid to bring the Omagh bombing case into a secret court has been part of a legal bid brought forward by Theresa Villiers on behalf of the British government, this would prevent a public inquiry.

A father of one of the victims who died in the Omagh bomb is seeking to have the decision taken by Theresa Villiers and the British government reviewed. On that fateful day in 1998 twenty-nine people lost their lives when a car bomb went off, police failed to clear the area when telephone warnings were given.

Suspicions surrounding the incident have not been answered by the intelligence services and RUC. Some believe that intel services used the bomb and the deaths of twenty-nine people to further a political agenda in the North.

The secret court hearing which is being sought by the British government will be used to convince the judge that the release of information surrounding the incident should not be released to the public in the name of “national security”.

British state agents and black ops have played a big role in the situation in the North of Ireland, the Omagh bomb is one of many events that is shrouded in secrecy and which the UK government would much rather see it kept out of the public domain.

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