Shankill bombing overseen by British state agent

Collusion Is Not An Illusion

‘Even more revelations have came to light on the role of British agents in the North of Ireland’

In the years throughout ‘the troubles’ dirty tricks, deceptions, lies and manipulation were a common factor both within Loyalist and Republican circles, best example of this would be that of Freddie Scappateci code name Stake Knife.

Freddie Scap was part of what was aptly named the ‘Nutting Squad’, a squad of IRA volunteers who were put in charge of smoking out state agents among the rank and file of the IRA, but Ironically the man leading the charge to out and get rid of state agents was a state agent himself.

The position this man had, give him leverage, it give him a cover from where he could work as a state agent without threat of being outed. Many innocent people were put to death in order to protect British assets within the IRA rank and file, but like that of Denis Donaldson the highest levels were also infiltrated.

The question needs to be asked how many people have went to the chopping block or who were sacrificed in order to protect these agents? But what about the higher assets ? Who else is being protected and why now is this being pushed by Sinn Fein.

The revelation that an ‘OC’ at the time of the Shankill bombing was a state agent has came to light it, shows that not only were members of the IRA expendable but also civilians, the Omagh bomb i feel maybe another big example of this being the case.

Documents which were obtained by the IRA among hundreds of classified documents in 2002 had details of code names for informers working for British intel and contact details for their contact handlers, one of those code named and listed on the documents was reporetdly the ‘OC'(Occupational Commander) of North Belfast for the IRA at the time of the deadly Shankill Road bombing, code named AA.

An ex-IRA man who has been living in the Ardyone area for decades has been labeled as an agent of the state after findings from documents stolen by the IRA reportedly showed that the man was in contact with British Intelligence at the time of the 1993 Shankill road bombing which killed 9 civilians.

The bomb itself was aimed at a Loyalist paramilitary meeting which was supposed to have been taken place above Frizzles fish shop at the time, but this was not the case, the bomb exploded prematuraly killing one of the IRA volunteers who had transported the bomb and killed 9 other people, but no Loyalist paramilitary members among the victims, this raises many valid and unansewered questions.

In the documents it’s reported that the ex-IRA man was in contact with handlers at the time of the inception of the operation which was to target a Loaylist paramilitary meeting above Frizzles, he is said to have given prior warning to British intelligence about the whole thing, not only this but former comrades also believe that the bomb had been tampared with to go off, if this was the case like so many times before, the whole thing was allowed to go ahead as planned.

Why the Loyalist paramilitary meeting did not take place?

This is still unclear but if the above things are true and the man is found to have been a state asset and the state aparatis knew of the plan to target the Loyalist meeting then it stands to reason that those or at least one of those who were to take part in the meeting were warned prior.

At the time of the outting of Denis Donaldson as a state agent, a leading member of Sinn Fein it was thought that he may have been outted in order to protect an even higher asset on the top rungs of the ladder, as the snowball roles we will begin to see even more outtings of state assets but be sure that their are higher priority assets that will be protected and the best way to protect is to tie off all loose ends.

The ex-IRA man who has been branded an informer has subseqwntly fled the area as the story spread, it is believed that the person was about to flee before but was asked not to and to denie by some within Sinn Fein.

We will keep the article updated as more information comes to light.

Bredan Hughes on Belfast,






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