Armed men enter the Regancy Hotel Dublin with firearms killing one and injuring several more


Gunmen enter boxing weigh in and opens fire killing one and injuring a number of others

An event taking place in Dublin today has ended in shock and horror. The gunmen entered reportedly entered the foyer of the hotel wearing law enforcement uniforms with AK47s, witnesses say that the gunmen entered and pointed the guns in their faces shooting one man next to the witness.

Witnesses described the men as having GARDA uniform in yellow letter at the back of the bulletproof vests. The attack took place at the Regency Hotel on Drumcondra Road During the attack one man was shot dead and others were injured all were males in their 20s – 30s according to authorities.

A van used in the attack was seen leaving the scene and later found burned out in Ballymun estate. The event ‘Clash of the Clans’ is now rescheduled for Saturday.

.*Video*  Gunmen attack people inside Regancy Hotel during weigh in

*Photo’s* New photo’s have came to light showing the two gunmen entering the Regancy Hotel



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