*Video’s* Ireland’s opposisition to the launch of Pegida shows they are not wanted nor needed here


Pegida launch an Irish branch in Dublin, but faced major opposition

On Feb 6th Dublin city seen the launch of another branch of Pegida, but not without opposition, of course!. The Far-right group which was launched in Germany, first launched in Dresden in 2014 has been at the forefront of an anti-Islamic campaign as well as being at the fore of the anti refugee campaign in Germany.

 Pegida launched an Irish branch in Dublin but faced a major campaign as well as a large campaign against the influx of Refugees and migrants. Pegida was first founded in opposition against arms shipments to the PKK but its aim soon broadened to include Muslims, and generally anyone who opposed their way of thinking.

The far-right group faced crowds of people who were standing in solidarity against the group. There were minor clashes on the Dublin streets, Garda blocked off streets and stood between protesters holding flick sticks, dressed in riot gear holding shield’s. Opposition protesters overshadowed the Pegida demonstration, it is clear that the racist views and actions will not be tolerated in Ireland.

A founder of the Pegida branch in Ireland said that they would be the 15th country to set up in. There is currently a trend in the rise of far-right groups across Europe. They are looking to seize the opportunity to capitalize on the refugee crises along with the attacks by Daesh(ISIS/ISIL)


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