A Study concludes that people would be better off with a United Ireland. We should speak about the positives and negatives of Unity as well as looking at other real alternatives such as Eire Nua.


The people of Ireland both north and south deserve a better future, the discussion on reclaiming both wealth and power for the people is as relevant today as it was in 1916.

A study launched in Dublin’s Westbury Hotel shows that the unification of the Island of Ireland would have a positive impact on the economic situation both in the north and south of the country.

“Our study underlines the potential of political and economic unification when it is supported by smart economic policy,” Dr Hubner said.

Of course, we have had this study already shot down by the DUP who are staunchly against the re-unification of Ireland. The study argues that the GDP of Ireland would grow a massive 25.4Bn the first eight years of, reunification, of the Island. The study was led by academics from the University of British Columbia, it also looked at potential scenarios to reunify the DPRK.

It has found that there would find significant benefits and savings for the ordinary person both north and south. The study failed to look at, alternative, such as the re-worked version of Eire Nua, published in 1990 by Republican Sinn Fein which outlines a plan for the reunification of Ireland, taking social and economic situations into account, it lays out a very real alternative for the future of the Island and all its people.

Eire Nua sets out a Federal layout of the Island of Ireland and policies which would secure the rights of people from all creeds and traditions. All of the people would be able to exercise real power as Eire Nua is a document which places the people of Ireland as the power holders.

In 2016, I think the discussion on how the people of this Island can reclaim power and wealth is as important and relevant today as it was since any period since 1916. We must lay out the positives of re-unification and show what benefits such a move would bring.

I will place links below for both Eire Nua and some articles on the study talked about in this article. When it has been published online we will update this article.

Eire Nua

Belfast Telegraph article on the study

The journal’s article on the study

Google News’s article on the study



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