Shannon airport is a key stop off point for the US military making Ireland a target for Islamic extremists


A prominent security expert Dr.Tom Clonan describes the major role of Shannon airport in the ‘war on terror’, this of course is no secret but the extent of which the airport has and is being used is still coming to light.

For the past decade Ireland has became main hub and stop off point for foreign military’s such as the US. The usage of Irish territory to launch wars by foreign nations has been the most since world war 2.

The US has used Shannon airport as a hub to Afghanistan and Iraq over the last decade. Over 2 million troops have passed through and untold numbers of weapons and munitions. The use of Shannon airport war not strictly US military, but was also a cover for the CIA’s notorious rendition program.

Dr. Clonan described the extent of which Shannon has been used in what we now know as the manufactured ‘war on terror’, he says,

“if Shannon was being used by any other group to cause the type of damage that the 2.25 million US troops that have passed through Shannon have caused, then the US would rightly identify it as a target.”

Dr Clonan said that “Irish citizens are perceived now as a hostile party by Islamic resistance groups”

As much as I would love to call my country neutral, I am unable to, as i can see that it is not. Allowing foreign military’s to come in and out as they please, carrying not only troops but weaponry to fight in foreign lands, also catering for the CIA rendition program which used Shannon airport as a black site to hold people captive means Ireland is not Neutral it is playing a pro active role in the global manufactured ‘war on terror’




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