Evidence against JP Wootton farcical at best


Events which took place in March 2009 lead to the death of PSNI officer Constable Carroll who was ambushed as he responded to a 999 call in Lismore manor, Craigavon.

The two men Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton who were arrested in connection with the shooting faced a non-jury trial which involved evidence that was withheld from the defense. A narrative of guilt was built around the fact that JP Wootton’s car was parked within minutes from the scene of the murder.

Prosecutors also said they had discovered gun residue on a coat linked to Brendan McConville which was found inside the vehicle. Arthur Harvey QC had insisted that JP had no role in the shooting of Constable Carroll.

Mr.Harvey argued that there was no way to confirm the coat which was found in the car had residue on it from the night of the shooting. He said: “There was not simply a dearth but a total absence of evidence to connect the defendant to any specific act relevant to the murder of Constable Carroll.”

Mr. Harvey recalled criticisms during the original trial on the lack of hard evidence against the two men, the barrister during the trial said “It failed to conform to even the most fundamental basic requirements.”

An investigation into a note which was found in Mr.McConvilles cell containing information belonging to govener Steve Rodford concluded that the note was most likely planted in the cell. Lawyers for Mr.McConville have called on both govener Steve Rodford and Ombudsman Pauline McCabe to give evidence at the appeal.

The whole trial and show over the media stinks, guilt had been placed on the two before the investigation even got into full swing, this type of policing and justice is still alive and well in the North of Ireland. It along with other such cases have lifted the veil on political policing once again.

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