Another shooting another death in the Belfast streets


The 3rd punishment attack in 24 hours and the 4th in 2 days left 54 year old delivery driver Daniel Murray dead in the front seat of his car on Monday night. North Belfast witnessed another punishment two attacks hours before left which left a man in his 20’s in hospital with gun wounds.

The 54 year old taxi driver had been shot in 2009 for what said to have been a punishment attack for selling drugs. He denied this in an interview with UTV news.

In an interview his partner Ciara Austin says, “He actually made a point of saying to me: ‘It’s not somewhere I usually go, but I’m gonna do it anyway …’” she recalled.

“I think he knew himself.”

“I never thought it would come to this.”

She spoke about the moment she had heard about the fatal shooting while on the phone to the daughter of her partner,

“She was screaming down the phone and she says: ‘Ciara, my daddy’s only after getting shot again …’ I ran to Divis, but by the time I got there … the ambulance had taken him away,” she said.

“We got a lift to the hospital, but … he died at the scene.”

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