Residential tower block in London evacuated after residents witnessed ‘explosions’ after a fire spread through the building


A 16-story residential tower block was evacuated with several residents being treated in hospital because of smoke inhalation. A huge effort was made by the emergency services with 72 firefighters and 10 fire engines arriving shortly after the incident.

The incident was seen from across London with a wave of people taking to social media talking about the smoke and explosions. Residents said the ‘explosions’ were seen and heard after a fire had spread throughout the buildings. Some of the residents described what happened.

“We were having lunch and heard a small explosion and we saw a black cloud of smoke going up and the growing fire,” an eyewitness near to the Canterbury Crescent complex told the London Evening Standard. “Some seconds after the first explosion he heard one or two more, also small. There were some people in the field in front, I guess calling the emergencies.”

“The ground floor flat was badly damaged by the blaze. The fire has also damaged a flat on the first and second floors of the 16-storey block,” said a statement from LFB. “Around 50 people were evacuated from the block. A man, a pregnant woman and girl were suffering with smoke inhalation and were taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service crews.”

There is now currently an investigation ongoing to see what the caused the fire and subsequent ‘explosions’. Widespread reaction to the fire was felt across London miles away from the scene.


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