People march in a General Strike in defiance of the new Labor reform bill


People of France march against the proposed Labour reform bill in a general strike, the labour reform puts business in front of workers rights.

Trouble has flared up in Paris as thousands marched through the city against Labour reforms proposed by Francis Hollande. Trade unions, student union’s and individuals took to the streets in their thousands, there are reports of trouble spreading across Paris as the day has progressed.

The reform bill most commonly known, as the “El Khomri law” named after French labor minister Myriam El Khomri. The law proposes extending maximum working hours and reducing holidays and breaks, among other changes, as the government attempts to liberalize France’s labor market.

Over the past week, France has seen major violence over the past week due to English, French, and Russian football hooligans, who entered the country during Euro 2016. Police today have been heavy handed during the general strike lashing out at people and even media. Ruptly Russian Televisions(RT) news agency was caught up in the violence having their camera smashed by police as they charged the crowds in the middle of France.

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