Turkey has announced a state of emergency


President Erdogan of Turkey has announced a 3 month state of emergency, this marks yet another huge turning point in Turkey’s long history.

Does this mark Erdogans consolidation of power? With thousands being rounded up from all walks of life, from civil servants to judges and generals. Now a 3 month state of emergency

In a live speach folleing a meeting with the National Security Council President Erdogan said that the 3 month state of emergency will be used in the most effective way to tackle any suspected plotters.

“The purpose of the state of emergency is to most effectively and swiftly take steps necessary to eliminate the threat to democracy in our country,” he said, as cited by Anadolu Agency.

The president said that there could be “more attempts ” to seize power by members of the coup.

The languge of Erdogan is worrying, describing  the on going state of emergency as a “cleansing” operation to root out all those involved in the coup several days ago.

A state of emergency in Turkey means that the president and prime minister are allowed to by-pass parliament in passing laws, this could mean even more  censorship of the press and of individual people.

Calls of concern have been made in light of the coup attempt about the extent of which this could mean cleansing in the true meaning of the word.

All we can do now is watch and wait  to see how far Erdogan will go in his crusade of so called “plotters” of the coup, we know Erdogan is no stranger to using draconian measures to quiet opposition.



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