Belfast #No More Deaths Solidarity with #Home Sweet Home Dublin

The campaign from last year #No More Deaths On Our Streets has, been restarted in light of the ongoing homeless crises and recent deaths in the homeless community. 

The Belfast campaign is emerging from the ongoing crises that plagues our city and the Iseland of Ireland as a whole, the failure to address the underlying problems has led to a drastic rise in people using homeless volunteer services and food banks. 

A matter of fact is we still have a huge number of people registering as homeless in the North and also across the UK and Ireland, because of this activist groups, homeless organisations, drug outreach teams, profesionals from all walks of life are now stepping in to take action to address the issue of homelessness.

Acts of civil disobiedience are happening across the UK and Ireland raising the profile of the homeless situation.

The occupation in Dublin city inside the NAMA owned bank building taken over by activists and volunteers to aid the homeless over the Christmas period, which it achieved untill the 11th of this month.

Talks between the Apollo house reps and minister Steven Coveney broke down after a court order date to vacate the building had passed.

The activists and homeless had to leave the building, they left with their heads held high and rightly so as they showed us what can be achieved in a short space of time to help those most in need with such a spectacular service.

Across the UK and Ireland, activists have came together to stand in solidarity with the Apollo house occupiers. Belfast, Dublin and London all held rallys to show that there is a movement growing once again.

#No More Deaths banner Divis walkway M1
London solidarity banner
Belfast #No More Deaths On Our Streets Campaign

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